Cedar is a symbol of fighting spirit and vitality.

With the grant from the “Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities Through Small Enterprise” Project of the Social Welfare Department, we formed the first local training-based social enterprise operated by visually impaired persons – Cedar Workshop in January 2018.

Germans plant cedar trees outside their buildings and houses as a symbol of resilience and vitality. As graduates of Ebenezer School, we are impressed by the strong appearance of the 120-year-old cedar tree on campus. We believe such perseverance is not found only in the old cedar, but lies in the hearts of every one of us and every one we meet.

Who Are We?

We have launched over 50 sessions of team building workshop. Over 1300 participants across the business and social welfare sector have joined our challenges.

Our facilitators have received at least 50 hours of professional training and have accumulated 100 hours of related practical experiences. Our facilitators come from diverse backgrounds, including social workers, career coaches, as well as music artists. We are sure a team with diverse talents is the foundation of a quality workshop.

Who Do We Work With?

We work with everyone!

No matter if you are a leader looking for a more efficient team, an employer exploring the possibility to work with disabled employees, a community or voluntary group interested to know more about visually impaired people, or an aspiring individual looking for inspirations from music, we have the best solution tailor-made for you.

1300+ People

50+ Unit

2 Years

All For You


Cedar knows that you are curious about the course content

and that it is not clear which course is best for you.

We also offer customized services

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We can also customize the service according to your situation.
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